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Teaching Methods

Chord Style Piano teaches students the basics of piano so they are able to play pop songs in a matter of weeks by reading lead sheets and learning simple chords. 

Creative Style is an expansion of the basic chord method in which the students learn techniques to make songs sound more professional and add their own style.

The Traditional Method is for those students wishing to learn to read music notation.  This generally uses method books that progress students in levels – beginner, intermediate, advanced.  This method is a must for learning music of the great classical composers such as Beethoven and Mozart, but is useful in all styles since most any music can be found in written notation today.

          **Note** The Chord Style and Traditional Method are not exclusive of each other.  They can be integrated to enhance the understanding of music and the creativity of the student.   However, one method is generally predominant at the beginning stages of learning piano.

Consultation Lessons are for highly-motivated students who learn well on their own but occasionally need assistance with a particular aspect of playing or piece of music.

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