Be Inspired, Not Intimidated

Why Piano?

Piano is one of the easiest instruments to learn to play, leading to early success and confidence.  It’s one of the few instruments where you are able to actually see the notes.  And after just a few short minutes with the keyboard a new student can hit the keys almost as well as a professional.

The piano is the only instrument that can imitate the whole band.  You can play the melody, the accompaniment and keep a bass line going all with just this one instrument.

Learning to play piano can help students develop life skills such as discipline, time-management, goal-setting and independent learning.

For younger students, learning to play piano helps develop math, reading and reasoning skills as well as fine motor abilities.

Playing piano is an endeavor that can be enjoyed for a lifetime.

And the best reason to learn to play the piano:  it’s just plain FUN!!!

Why Skyline Piano Studio?

Skyline Piano Studio considers what each student wants to learn.  Because there are different learning styles and many kinds of music, students have choices in methods and music.

Skyline Piano Studio teaches both classical and popular style methods.

Skyline Piano Studio students learn to utilize the entire keyboard not just the middle.

Skyline Piano Studio teaches students to play popular music they have heard, not just method-book songs they don’t know.

Skyline Piano Studio is certified in Creative Style Piano that teaches secrets of sounding professional.

Skyline Piano Studio offers a positive experience for young musicians.  There are games to reinforce music concepts, varied teaching techniques and lots of enthusiasm. Lessons are never boring.

Skyline Piano Studio holds “jam sessions” and group lessons where students interact with and learn from each other.

Skyline Piano Studio specializes in beginning musicians.

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